Shopping on the internet opens doors to surfer through various e-stores and find the best price for the particular item you wish to buy, thereby getting the product at a more reasonable price than in stores.
One of the biggest perks of buying online is that you can buy directly from the manufacturer and eliminate the middle man. Thereby, avail the product and/or services at a very low cost.
Online shopping offers various discounts, coupons, deals, etc., every now and then. So, you just need to know when and where to look for the product online and save a lot of money!
E-commerce websites do not need to have their own shops, so no infrastructure cost is involved for them and hence the prices are comparatively less compared to offline stores.
Furthermore, online shopping websites directly import goods from manufacturers and save on the transportation and commission charged by middlemen, unlike traditional retailing.
Lastly, advertising and marketing switched to digital, asking for the least investment and greater returns. So, the products are cheaper.

Online E-commerce sellers need not own their own shop. His website is his shop. It is easy to maintain if you have some developers or with platforms like Shopify, you don’t even need developers.

Internet users are increasing day by day. These are huge advantages for E-commerce industries. Over a period of time, when India surpasses the developing country status, e-commerce will thrive and thrive and thrive